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Are you looking for purchasing a new Television? If your answer is yes, then go through this article to know about the top-selling Samsung Televisions on Shopclues. Buying a brand TV is always good compared to that of a non-branded one. The brand companies will use quality hardware which will last for years. Any show lets see the top 10 best Samsung TVs.

Samsung TV 32J4003 Specifications

This TV was launched a couple of years ago. The price of this Tv is tagged at Rs.17,000 on shopclues and this is the #1 selling TV. Let see the specifications of this TV and then will go through the customer reviews.

  • It is 32 Inch HD ready LED TV. Buy an HD setup box and subscribe for HD channels to view high-quality videos.
  • The resolution of this TV is 1366×768 and viewers can experience great picture quality.
  • It comes with a 10W speaker which gives a decent volume in rooms.
  • It has 2 HDMI ports and one can connect google chromecast and any other device at the same time.
  • This electronic device has only one USB port which is adequate enough.

This is not a smart feature and it doesn’t support 3D technology. The lack of these features might stop you from buying. However, at this price, you cannot expect more from this Television.

Samsung Television 32J4003


Samsung TV 32J4003 Reviews

Only one USB port and also It, not an HDD USB port which means it doesn’t support external hard disk of higher capacity. I tried with a 1TB hard disk it’s not recognizing, then I used 8gb pen drive it’s working fine. I checked with Samsung support they told me it won’t support Hard disk. That’s a big disappointment for me. Nowadays it’s not fair if we don’t have that option.

The display and colors are extremely good at Dynamic picture resolution. The other two modes i.e. cricket mode and cinema mode are low in contrast and sharpness and aren’t good. HD resolution is good, even SD Resolution is much better than other tv models. I am an extremely brand conscious person and don’t look outside the top 3 companies for any product. My other TVs are from Sony, this Samsung tv is no less than Sony in picture quality, colors, contrast and sharpness. If you want to watch cable TV then go for this model, in case you watch internet content and DVDs then I would suggest that you should opt for full HD higher models.

I bought this TV offline from an Electronics shop at a good price. It’s worth for this price. Having good picture quality and 2 HDMI port. Its been 4 months and I am enjoying it. The display is bright and the edges are proper to cover the LED panel. Checked LG but the picture quality is far far better in this price range. In this range, you can’t get a SONY. so options left are LG or SAMSUNG so choose wisely.

Excellent product. Good sound quality, picture quality, plays almost every video format and good value for money. Enjoying watching movies directly from Pen Drive. Just the right product. Shopclues packs product well. Had doubts over the delivery of fragile item like this but overall an Excellent buying experience. Also saved money due to online purchase.

Great experience from Shopclues. Got the TV delivered on time and you know I got the Samsung technician details even before the TV got delivered. TV got installed within hours after the TV was delivered. Coming to the TV aspect, worth every penny you spent. I exchanged my older LCD TV for 4500Rs and got this for 12k. TV clarity is top notch. The sound is fine. The only problem is with the accessibility of the HDMI and USB ports if you going to Wall mount. Otherwise, I am good with this TV.

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