Privacy Policy of ShopcluesOffers

We respect the privacy of our customers and we have laid a few fundamental principles. All our website visitors must read this privacy policy before proceeding further.

  • Unlike other websites, we do not collect and do not store any information about our visitors.
  • We want to keep our website simple for the visitors and you should not worry about the misuse of your personal details. That is why we never collect any information.

What We do and What This policy covers

This website is a blog. Here we write articles about online shopping portals and review the latest products arrived in the market. This website is just for informational purpose and there is no guarantee that the information on this website is accurate. As this is an informational website, we do not collect any personal information from our visitors.

  • Visitors do not need to register for an account to access the articles on this blog.
  • We do not place any cookies on your browser. We do not track your website activity.
  • Our website does not collect any information like email address, mobile number, credit card, IP address, personal computer details, mobile details and any other trackable information.
  • We do link to some of the third party websites. Be careful before visiting these third-party sites. We are not responsible for any of the information provided on these websites.
  • Our website does not collect any information from third-party portals about our visitors.
  • We are not displaying any advertisements on our website. Also, we scan this portal frequently for any malware. As we do not guarantee 100% security of our website. Do not follow any commercial Ads displayed on this portal.

We notify visitors of any changes to the privacy policy on this website. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, then please contact us.

Change Log:

  • May 08, 2018: Drafted the privacy policies.