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VU Televisions are making a great buzz and many customers have already bought this television. The selling point of this TV is its price, quality, and awesome features. Last year I bought the VU 55 Inch Ultra HD TV on Shopclues. The model number of this TV is LTDN55XT780XWAU3D_HDR. To my surprise, the TV turned out to be truly amazing. Let see the specifications and reviews of this VU Tv.

VU TV specifications

The specs of this VU TV are great and the price of this is Rs.47000. If you want to buy the same type of products in Sony, it will cost you more than Rs.90,000.

  • It is an ULTRA HD LED Smart TV with a 55 Inch size.
  • The resolution is 3840 x 2160 which is 4 times the normal Tv has. It’s a full HD Tv and produces great quality videos. The built-in technology converts a low-quality video into an HD video.
  • It has a 24W speaker which produces volume at a high level and gives the feeling of bass.
  • Coming to the connectivity features. It hs 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports. Multiple devices can be connected at the same time.

VU 55 INCH Ultra HD Smart LED Tv

VU TV Customer Reviews

Many customers bought this television and were happy with this. Mos of the customers rated this 4 out of 5.

Picture Quality is absolutely high class and surely at par with LG and Samsung. 4k and full HD videos look beautiful with very rich and lively colors and contrast. I feel upscaling actually works on this tv. The sound is very passable too. The finish is premium. Youtube, Netflix, screen mirroring and wifi works flawlessly. Setup wizard installs the tv in a matter of seconds. The youtube and Netflix push function from mobile is extremely handy and it greatly compensates for the absence of a magic remote.

Excellent TV in this price segment.Value for money (Bought it at Rs.47433/- including card discounts ). Delivery and Installation was done within 2-3 days from the date of purchase. The sound is average. Picture clarity is good until viewed from straight or up to 120 degrees. Colors get faded if watched from more than 120 degrees. I didn’t require smart features though casting works well with android devices easily but doesn’t work with iOS default casting app. Youtube, Netflix works perfectly. Overall great buy if you want a 55-inch tv in this price range.

I have connected the 1TB Hard disk to my TV it plays almost all the format and has dedicated subtitle button to ON/OFF subtitles. It also plays the files from resume when we toggle between the inputs. It has optical-out and my home theatre supports optical-in. The sound which it gives is immersive. Definitely worth for price goes for it.

The few downsides of this TV include minor backlight bleeding on corners of the screen and in some random areas in very dark images. The operating system and software are very average. Many of the features like ultra smooth motion, ultra dimming, and HDR do not have any setting options in the menu and one can’t ascertain their presence in the tv nor could control or fine tune it. Also, screen resolution can’t be manually set if required. Opera website is rubbish and totally useless.

Cons – Sound quality is good but doesn’t get too loud. The volume output varies from channel to channel, you have to keep adjusting the volume as you browse different channels. Secondly, the refresh rate is only 60hz so fast images become a little distorted. I am using the local set-top box, Tata Sky or Airtel set-top box way work better in this scenario.

In total, this VU Tv from california is amazing. The overall pros dominates the cons and it is worth every penny that you spend on this.

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